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Our Story

About Cooldot

Our Story

Cooldot started with our star product. The Cooldot Yoga Sitting Ball Chair. We wanted to create the perfect combination of an exercise ball and a chair. Therefore, we created a product that would help relieve back pain. Likewise, allow users to sit actively. 

As a result, we designed these elegant stability balls. Ideal for an active session in the office or at home. They are perfect for pilates and yoga. Similarily, they can be used for functional training, abdominal and mobility exercises.

Later on, we added antibacterial properties to their fabric covers. In conclusion, we succeeded in creating great looking and multifunctional sitting balls. Designed to offer a unique seating experience. Also, extremely comfortable and safe.

Currently, we create fitness products that make your body move the way it was designed. Most importantly, we use the principles of functional training with our health knowledge. In that way, we can offer unique solutions in the health and wellness market. As a result, our main goal is to design products that combine quality and convenience. Above all, we want to create the best possible fitness experience. Discover our eco-friendly product categories such as: Stability ball chairs, Yoga mats, Resistance bands. Additionally, discover our new Ecobottles with an Ozone Water Purification System.