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Cooldot Fabric Hip Bands Set


These highly durable exercise Fabric Hip Bands are designed for intensive daily exercise sessions. The set includes 3 non-slip resistance bands for legs and glutes. Ideal for functional training, yoga, pilates, crossfit, and home exercises. Includes transport bag and basic exercises table.


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New Anti-Slip Version: These booty bands are made of ultra-resistant materials. The combination of polyester and latex provides softness and resistance. A layer of rubber on the interior part provides these bands a non-slip property that favors their use.

3 Resistance Levels: The most complete kit: Soft (Purple), Medium (Pink), Strong (Green). Whether you are a beginner or a regular user, each resistance band adapts to the exercise and level you are looking for. The length of each rubber band marks its resistance (the shortest is the hardest).

Exercise your Whole Body: Use these resistance bands to perform exercises at home or at the gym. For example: rowing, push-ups, squats and openings (deltoids, pectoral muscles) to train your arms, back, hips, legs, chest and abdominal area. Adjust the intensity at any moment.

Improved Performance: Wider and thicker than normal resistance bands. In addition, they do not curl or slip. The contact surface is smooth and does not rub against the skin, so the hip bands. As a result, they do not have to be readjusted during indoor and outdoor sports and training.

Daily Use: This set includes 3 high-quality elastic fabric exercise bands in pastel colors. Moreover, in the same pack you can find a manual with basic routines to start using them. Its comfortable size and included bag allows you to take them wherever you need.


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